antispy rooms for vip,secure rooms for goverments

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Stanleyxray security rooms Lead Stanleyxray room systems, which require special security rooms, mechanicalrooms as security .special  listening to electronic devices and image-making, etc. .make secret  will prevent undesired situations.    To listen to do with radio waves, with mobile tlf listeni ... ng, listening, and images made ​​with xray  devices, laser and image acquisition devices to listen to, xray imagestaken by satellites are doing against the wall insulation.    Very private rooms, meeting rooms, council chambers, corporate private rooms,where a special insulation and coating operations are making very important decisions are given. For each material and the materials we use special materials antispy process from the European-origin countries, the military and police units ofthese materials used in advanced technology and quality control and guaranteedproducts. We serve all of the countries of the world Stanleyxray, istanbul turkey. (center), adana (representation,) in northern Iraq Erbil (representative office) to Mauritania (representative) germany duesburg (representative) www.stanleyxray.com info a stanleyxray.com  call = +90 532 3580057

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mesut tok
+90 05323580057

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